What’s a Nice Jewish Girl Like Me Doing For Christmas?

Chinese food on ChristmasTwo Martians run into each other in New York City. Surprised and delighted to see another of their kind on Earth, they promptly introduce themselves.
“Hi,” the first one says, “I’m 854375.”
“Nice to meet you. I’m 758689,” replies the other one.
To which, the first one says, “Funny, you don’t look Jewish.”  

I was disappointed when I read the first part of Corrine’s post for Blog Hop #60 because, almost down to the last detail, there is hardly a thing this nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn doesn’t love, love, love about Christmas. It made me sad to think some people might not enjoy it as much as I do.

There is one exception to my unconditional love. I don’t “go for” the way stores like Target have taken such divine, moving Christmas songs as the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah (my favorite!) and re-written them for their commercial purposes. To me, that’s just ridiculous.

But the resplendent trees, the festively dressed church-goers, the mouth-wateringly scrumptious looking meals people prepare and the generous sentiments that people express all give me chills.  Can you honestly say that this picture is not spectacular? White Christmas Tree

And then there’s the music. Oh! The music! There is a reason that this Youtube flash mob video has gotten more than 40.5 MILLION views. (Incidentally, I’d say about 10 million of them are mine… LOL!)

I wish you all could have seen me earlier this week wildly waving my arms and gesticulating madly as I walked into the dry cleaner’s to drop off my husband’s suits. I looked liked I was having a seizure. In fact, I was conducting an invisible orchestra and chorus in a round of “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” much like I’d just heard on the local classical music station during my drive from home. Is it weird that I know the words to the song almost by heart … in Latin?

What can I say? I’m so touched by the holiday. I just think it’s magnificent and breathtaking and joyous and … . The list of descriptors goes on and on.  Even Gary gets caught up in it — checking his computer to track Santa’s position via NORAD.

Why do I love this holiday so much? For all the reasons I’ve mentioned already, but there’s one more reason and it’s a biggie. I so enjoy it because I don’t celebrate it and so, I can stand back and take it all in without having to think about doing any of it.

That’s how a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn, like me, celebrates Christmas. Merry Christmas!!!! 😀


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  1. Oh how much I loved this post, Daphne, complete with the Chinese food sign (can you translate that for me sometime, please!). I watched the flash mob and you know what? It felt like Christmas again! ♥


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