Oh Daphne Girl, The Pipe Dream’s Calling….

Dolly!Prompted by a photo for a prior blog hop, I commented that I’d love to write a country music song. It probably would have been more accurate if I’d written, “I’d love to publish a country music song and have it produced,” because as life would have it, at the time, I had a song “in the can.”
Mom and Dad side by side

In late October, I got together with my aunt, Ellen Mandel, and uncle, Michael Lydon, and we sang the song with music and all. It was more fun than I expected and it prompted me to write another one for my parents’ 50th anniversary which was this past Sunday, December 16th.

This is the refrain of the song entitled, “Oh My Darlin’ Steins.”  Not bad, eh?

Which brings me to my dream for 2013. I would just flip to see my country song picked up by one of the major country artists. Given the lyrics — it’s really more a parody of a country song than an actual country song — I think the best artist for it is Dolly Parton. I’m not sure if she’d do it, but I suppose it never hurts to ask.

This may well be a case of, “Oh Daphne girl! The pipe, the pipe dream’s calling,” if you know what I mean….

If she won’t do it, I suppose I could always sing it. Stay tuned readers … or should I say “listeners”?

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  1. What a wonderful dream. I hope it comes true.

  2. catching up… sorry I’m late to comment. Just finally getting around to the posts I’ve missed when things were so awry here. Anyway– I love Dolly– and I do like Country music but I’m not up on the latest and greatest. I think it is awesome you have a dream…just push it forward, it can’t be a dream come true if you don’t at least try 😀 Cheers, Jenn


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