McFly and I

It had to have been destiny because it couldn’t have been anything else, so if I didn’t believe in destiny before, I do now.

What the heck am I talking about?!

This past week I was on vacation in Florida and with weather in the sunny 70’s in the end of November there was no way I was staying indoors. Hence, there was no way I was going to be spending time on my computer. But, for a lark on Thursday, I decided to check The Writer’s Post for the topic of Blog Hop Week #57.

Hmmm… . Share your thoughts about destiny … . Yikes! That was a tall order because, to be perfectly honest, when I first considered it, little came to mind.  And then it was time to leave Florida.

We had a late flight out of Orlando on Friday, November 30th — that is, the day after I saw the blog prompt — so Gary and I spent the day in Winter Park, FL. Our first stop was the Albin Polasek Museum and Sculpture Garden where we learned about the famed Czech sculptor and saw dozens of his works in marble, bronze and other media. At the entrance to the property were a few sculptures of naked or half naked men. Needless to say, they got my attention!

My beautiful picture

The one pictured above in particular caught my eye, because it seemed so “alive.” I all but fell over when I saw what it was called.

My beautiful picture

Clearly I was destined to be here… .

Later in the day, we were kicking around on Park Avenue — Winter Park’s main drag for shopping, dining, etc. — and we found ourselves among hundreds of people all in attendance for the annual Christmas tree lighting.

It goes without saying that when you have that many people gathered in one place, there are sure to be some “characters” in the crowd.

I only saw him for an instant, but as we walked, a guy wearing a very eye-catching shirt passed me. Why was he so singular among the scores of men, women and children in attendance? Because, I kid you not, his shirt said:

I'm Your Density

For those who delight over that wonderful movie moment, have one more chuckle on me with this little clip.

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  1. Oh how awesome – and I had the perfect prompt for you. loved your post. The clip was perfect for the prompt – that was a fun movie. Thanks for participating in my prompt.

  2. That is so cool and I loved that movie! Sounds like you had an amazing time in Florida.


  3. Isn’t that just great? The prompt seemed to have you in mind 🙂

  4. Yes!! I’m your density… or destiny…or what a great movie regardless. But isn’t the sculpture an oxymoron… ‘carving out your own destiny’. Seems like choice was involve somewhere along the way 😉

    Cheers, Jenn

  5. I know a lot of men who should wear the density shirt, but that isn’t really what this is about! LOL

    Destiny is or isn’t and no one knows for sure, but I guess I think it’s all a big plan and we choose as we go just how easy or how hard it will be to get to the end of the road we’re suppose to be walking.


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