Call 9-1-1! Please!

It seems oddly appropriate that as I write my Thursday Blog Hop  post, I’m expecting a phone call from Special Investigator Laura Smith of the US Office of Personnel Management Federal Investigative Services. Sounds pretty serious, eh? It is.  But not to fear, no one’s in any trouble or anything like that. I just have to answer some questions about a neighbor who is being considered for, “a position of trust with the US Government.”

How, you might wonder, does this picture-as-prompt relate to my current situation?

Of the four types of keys, three of them taken together—the telephone keypad, the computer keyboard and the keys on the ring—take me back to my days as a newspaper reporter. I was a general assignment reporter for a daily paper in upstate NY about 10 years ago. My beat in Saratoga County included two public school systems, several town governments and … the sheriff’s office.

Now, when you write about crime, you deal with—surprise!— criminals. And I did. I was in court regularly and the District Attorney was practically my BFF. I “hung out,” although not by choice, with some pretty unsavory characters.

How it is, though, that they tracked me to my house is beyond me. Mind you, I lived alone, so it was more than a little bit disconcerting. I’ve lost track of the
number of calls I received at home that began thusly when I picked up the phone: “This is the operator. I have a collect call from (insert man’s name here) at (insert name of prison here). Will you accept the charges?”

Um … no.

Eventually, those calls ceased to freak me out. However, just when I thought I was getting used to odd law-enforcement-related calls, I got this message on my voice mail. “Hi, it’s Bernita, calling for Detective Swanson. I need to discuss some details of my case with you. Call me back at 555-3621 or I’ll try to reach you again.”

That scared the bejeezus out of me, although, I’m guessing that if Bernita had known who she’d really reached and how helpful I could actually be to her “case,” it would have put the fear of God in her.  Even so, I thought to myself, “Dear God, I hope she doesn’t call me in an emergency!”

Today, my career as a reporter is behind me and I’ve moved on to other types of writing. Inspired by a trip to Nashville, TN, I’ve been dabbling with writing a country music song. How I would love to write and publish a country music song… . That’s where the piano keys come in.

I understand that country musics often deals with life in and out of jail. Sounds like I’ve got the basis of a song right at my fingertips. I’m think I’m going to call it, “Call 9-1-1! Please!”

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  1. Oh those calls would’ve scared me too. How cool that you are writing a song.

  2. Okay then, we’ll all be waiting to see which country star grabs that song up!
    Great look at keys!

  3. I will be waiting to hear it on the radio!!


  4. Oh Daphne– country music isn’t all about being in and out of jail. Some of it has to do with losing your dog, your wife, and your truck too!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  5. Another key to the mystery that is Daphne…I love discovering who you are! Can’t wait to here that song!

  6. This post makes me laugh, Daphne! I can just imagine you getting those phone calls. They would have freaked me out too!


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