That’s My (New) Name, Don’t Wear It Out

Mine was an afternoon wedding in New York City.

In accordance with Jewish tradition, my sister and her husband, who live in New Jersey and are Orthodox, were throwing us a Sheva Brachot party the next day, so we needed to stay in the area overnight. To make our first night as a married couple special, Gary arranged for us to stay at the world-renowned Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. 

A guy who is full of (good) surprises, Gary managed to make the evening even more amazing by treating me to an order of champagne and strawberries from room service. It was beautiful. 

At some point during our evening, we needed something in our room. So I picked up the phone and called down to the concierge. When the staff member on the other end picked up,  I said, “This is Mrs. Steinberg calling from Room … . My husband and I would like … . ” I have no idea what I asked for or really anything that came after those most significant words.

But I can picture myself on the phone, referring to myself for the very first time  as, “Mrs.” and saying something about, “my husband.” It was a moment — perhaps the moment — that I had been waiting for all my life.

Almost seven and half year later, I still remember those nanoseconds as if they were yesterday and hearing myself saying those words sounds just as awesome and amazing as it did then.

Do you remember, BlogFEST 2012 readers, the first time you used the word  “husband” or “wife”?

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  1. Loved this!! What a great moment. I had a few moments that really stuck out during our marriage–they were subtle almost in slow motion–but I do recall them vividly to this day.

    Great post 🙂

  2. Beautiful moment and I can feel the happiness through your writing even after 7.5 years later …

    Thank for boarding the train–Journey of Life– by sharing your–One Moment in Life.

  3. What a wonderful and significant moment. Awesome take on the prompt!


  4. What a lovely story. Made me smile.

  5. Loved your moment. I can’t precisely remember a similar one but I do know the feeling. 🙂


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