Is It a Hybrid or What?

I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily my favorite Halloween memory, but it’s certainly my most memorable one. 

I grew up in New York City in the 1970’s. Let’s just say that New York City in the 1970’s wasn’t the warm, fuzzy place that it now is, having been brought to you by the Disney, Mars and Hershey’s Corporations.

Back then, the concept of “the mean streets of New York” wasn’t entirely inaccurate. There were some mean, nasty, scary people out there.

So it wasn’t without reason then, that when Halloween rolled around, the general warning would circulate, “Whatever you do, don’t take apples from anyone. They might have razor blades in them.”

Lemme tell you: Odds are I wouldn’t have taken an apple in the first place. C’mon man, that’s way too healthy! But if the thought of taking an apple while trick or treating had ever crossed my mind, the idea of said fruit with a razor blade in it scared the bejeezus out of me, ensuring that no such taking would occur.

The thing is, young children are impressionable so, even now, every year on Halloween that pseudo-admonition reverberates in my head, “Don’t take apples… .”

Cut to 30-plus years later and I sit here, stupefied. If an apple had, in fact, had a razor blade in it, wouldn’t I or my hawk-eyed mother surely have seen it before I ate it? I’m at a loss to think how someone could insert a razor into an apple and leave no trace of its presence.
Not that I’m going to put the theory to the test, mind you… . Still as a passionate gourmet and a somewhat-more-than-casual gardener, it makes me stop and think.

This is my question, dear BlogFEST 2012 readers: Could you grow an apple with a razor blade in it? Would such an apple be a hybrid or what?

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  1. oh that would’ve been nasty to find a razor in an apple. Thanks for sharing your story.
    Here is mine


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