An “Engagement” in New York City

Ap·point·ment noun : an arrangement for a meeting. Synonym: Engagement.

The best day of my life. Oh my goodness, fellow BlogFEST 2012 readers. I’ve had so many wonderful days in my nearly 43 1/2 years that it’s hard to say that one is the best. But if I were to pick one day of my life that stands out in my mind, it would have to be the day I got engaged. Yeah, engaged. Not married.

Don’t get me wrong, my wedding was everything I’d ever hoped for. But … . My engagement was an unforgettable personal New York story.

We were all gathered at my folks’ house in Brooklyn. It was the first time “the parents” were meeting each other, so, of course, there was some nervousness. However, Gary and I had discussed that we would get engaged when we were all together, so I kind of knew it was coming. But no one could have prepared me for the drama that was the proposal and the moments surrounding it.

It was Saturday afternoon. My parents and I had gone to temple that morning while Gary and his mom (his dad is deceased) had knocked around “the city.” My folks had to make an appearance at a party in Manhattan, so that left me, Gary and Ellen (my then future mother-in-law) alone to do as we pleased for several hours.

We opted to take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge — one of my favorite places in NYC. When we got to the middle of the bridge, Ellen walked off on her own and Gary dropped to one knee. I knew what was coming next … or so I thought.

Gary reached into his pocket. I fully expected him to pull out the box that held the ring I’d helped him pick out and had been eagerly waiting for and secretly taking peeks at and trying on for months.

From out of his pocket Gary produced .. a bar of really nice dark chocolate. You could have knocked me over with a feather. He said, “I looked all around for this just for you.” As I laughed and cried with joy over this unexpected romantic twist, he took the ring from his pocket and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Guess what? I said, “Yes.” And in that moment, I knew that I would no longer have to weather life’s storms on my own. What a great feeling to be loved…. Without question, one of the best moments in my life.

Shortly thereafter, Ellen reappeared and took some photos of us celebrating.
Then we walked the rest of the length of the bridge into Manhattan, stopped a while and took a few more pictures at City Hall Park and headed back.

Back on the Brooklyn side, we were stopped by a group of women who asked if we could take their photo. With pleasure, we said.

While they set up for the photo, Ellen asked they were doing in NYC.  They were six sisters, they told us, in from Minnesota with their mother to celebrate her milestone birthday.

Wonderful! “While you’re celebrating,” Ellen said, pointing at me and Gary who was behind the camera, “you should know that these two kids just got engaged a few minutes ago.”

Pandemonium broke out.

All of a sudden, six women from Minnesota, who we’d met perhaps 90 seconds earlier, were shrieking and throwing their arms in the air with joy. It was the first of many celebrations of our engagement and though I didn’t know these ladies from a hole in the wall, their expression of joy made our special announcement even more grand, special and important.

Only in New York….

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  1. This is just so cool! What a wonderful story.

  2. What a fantastic story. And you have a fab picture to go with the moment too. ♥

  3. Indeed– what an AWESOME way to propose!! With a bar of dark chocolate no less. You have found yourself a keeper!


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