If you change the way you look at things…

This weekend, I’m attending my 25th high school reunion. The reunion has largely been put together by one person who really, really cares. This morning, I read a post on Facebook questioning/doubting an aspect of the reunion that made me quite angry. My gut reaction was to reply to the poster’s comment saying, “You’ve got some nerve saying that! After all, what have you done to make this reunion happen?”

Before I opened that Pandora’s Box, though, I stopped and considered the poster’s comment further. It occurred to me that I didn’t know what circumstances had led the person to make the remark that I deemed so rude and insensitive. It wasn’t for me to judge the poster based on one remark, I decided. I just didn’t have ample information.


Recently, I’ve been on a Jodi Picoult “bender.” The truth is I don’t enjoy her books that much, but something keeps me coming back to them. I think it must be that I know that in each book as with “My Sister’s Keeper” or “Plain Truth,” there’s going to be an unforeseen twist at the end that will make me catch my breath. I’m hooked, but it sure as the devil isn’t because of her book covers. Honestly, if I were to judge her books solely by their covers, I would have left them all on the shelf.  Case in point: 

Do these covers make you want to run out and buy the books? I’d think not.


The bottom line is that there are times when we should simply “Go with our guts,” but they are limited. I shudder to think what the outcome might have been had I stuck with my first inclination upon seeing “this guy” across the room at a party eight and a half years ago. I’d never seen him before, much less met him, but he was short, balding on top and all alone and my instinct said, “Steer clear!” You can imagine how mortified I was when a gal pal of mine started talking to him. Turned out he was really nice. Wasn’t I lucky?

This is a picture of “that guy.” 

And here’s another picture of him … with me … at our wedding:

Oh? Did I fail to mention, BlogFEST 2012 readers, that he’s my husband?

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  1. You ARE a Hoot! This made me smile, and that is something! Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a good thing you didn’t go with your first impressions, Daphne!

  3. Not to go into detail here, but I also didn’t fall instantly in love when I met my hubs of over 30 years. He swears that he did, but me? Yeah, no. He was in no way shape or form my ‘type’. Terribly glad I didn’t trust my gut on that one!

    Love this.

  4. Lucky for you both I’d say!! What a beautiful bride you were–and a handsome fella to boot!!

    Cheers, Jenn

  5. That is funny!! How cool you fell in love with what lay underneath the goofball packaging. He cleans up nice and looks like a lot of fun. As far as Jodi Picoult goes, she writes some great books but her book designs are nothing to write home about. LOL


  6. I know I left a comment– or at least I thought I did? I had mentioned how beautiful you are in that wedding picture and what a handsome fella you’re standing next to… 🙂


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