It Will Come Back to You

 This person is not the young boy you might think he is. He’s actually in his mid-30’s and is married. He’s been vacationing for several days already here in East Hampton with his wife and young son. They have a few more days of R&R still to go.

But will they be? If you must know, probably not.

What you’re seeing here is both an end and a beginning. You’ve caught this man after a long day of searching for his wedding ring that slipped off while he was swimming. He’s in disbelief. Nearly 10 years happily married to the woman of his dreams and now this?

He won’t find this out for many months yet, but his will be a story with a happy ending. First however, tears will be shed and lots of emotional energy will be expended. It will be expended reassuring his wife. It will be expended wondering how this could have happened — how he could have let it happen. And it will be expended imagining what it will be like to have another ring that can’t possibly be as special as the one she put on his finger while the whole world watched.

Yes, sometimes men get sentimental, too.

He’ll agonize over this for a while and then get down to the business of replacing the ring. Every time he looks at the new one, he’ll be reminded of this beach where a piece of him slipped away.

In spite of it, though, he will still harbor a love for this beach – its salty air that alternately leaves him warm or cold; its vast expanse of sand stretching out as far as the eye can see; and its inviting, yet heartless ocean whose waves roll out, taking with them hopes and memories and returning shattered dreams … or so he thinks.

He’ll come here next year and he’ll go clamming. He’ll find littlenecks and longnecks, quahogs (coe-hogs) and cherrystones and in one particular clam, he’ll find his happy ending.

Amid the grit and goop he’ll see … his wedding ring.

This post, based on a news story I read many years ago, is my take on Daphne Romero’s photo prompt for BlogFEST 2012.

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  1. Oh–wouldn’t that be the gems of all gems? Great read!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  2. That would be so cool to find the ring again!! Awesome!



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