That’s (not) Too Much!

You’ll never catch me saying that I know it all. In fact, the older I get, the more I realize just how much there is yet for me to learn. Thank goodness for that, eh, because I love learning.

And yet, I balked when asked for BlogFEST 2012 by Toni Lynn Cloutier, “Do you think online college courses are worth the money?”

I don’t deal with uncertainty well, so when considering spending money, if possible, I like confirmation that my investment is going to be a worthwhile one. For that reason, although I’ve considered enrolling in an online course any number of times, I’ve yet to do it because I haven’t gotten good vibes from what’s written on the review  sites I looked at. I realize, of course, that reviews are subjective, but still…

If I were to take a class, it would likely be a course in some way related to non-profit fundraising. Marketing? Grant-writing? There are lots of grant writing classes available out there, including a number online.  Indeed, last year I was looking into a class on a site called I mentioned the class to a gal pal who was also interested in grant writing and before I knew it, she’d gone to the site and signed up for the course!

It wasn’t very expensive — in the neighborhood of $89 as I recall. But I got an even better deal. The course consisted of 12 lessons all spelled out in PDF format. As a student, my gal pal got all the material sent to her … and she generously shared it with me.

An online course for free. Now that’s my kind of price.  

For some sites that offer online classes of various types for free or reduced prices check out the following links:

  1. (The co-founder’s name is Daphne. Yet another reason to check it out!)
  2. (if you’re interested in learning about building websites and more)
  3. (Right now Dabble is only in Chicago,  but they’re trying to expand. Note: With Dabble, you register online for classes,  but they are taught in person.)


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  1. How cool!! But here’s my question–was the course worth it?? Did you learn anything from the “free” course?

    I think even a free course may not be worth it if the material taught is not up to par–hopefully you got invaluable information–now that is a free course!!

    Cheers, Jenn.

  2. todaysworkingwoman

     /  October 7, 2012

    I’m with you…when I’m uncertain, I have a tendency to not go forward with anything. However, when shared freely, that is a whole different story!


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