Stayin’ Awake

I knew I was in for it when I saw Susan’s BlogFest 2012 prompt, “When was the last time you couldn’t sleep?

You see, I have no trouble falling asleep. Truth be told, I’m inclined to think that I could sleep on command. You might think I’m full of it or I’m trying to put one over on you, but I once got a good night’s sleep on the squad room floor of a police station in the South Bronx in NYC. Yep, I can sleep just about anywhere. I once fell asleep in a rather awkward spot. I’ll leave it to your imagination…

My issue is staying awake. Try though I might, I can’t stay awake at night. And when I say “night,” I mean after dark. My yawns are brought on by the setting of the sun. You can imagine, I’m sure, what a problem that can be in winter when the sun sets at 3 PM…

Coffee doesn’t help. Believe me. I’ve tried it.  And here’s the thing. I want to stay awake, I really do. Why? So I can read my book. I’m always in the middle of reading something. I’ll bet you are, too, aren’t you? Inevitably though, if I lie down with a book, sooner or later my husband finds me like this:

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  1. janu

     /  October 3, 2012

    This happens to me in the afternoon…when I can’t keep my eyes open even if my life depended on it. A nap is a must.

  2. Nice problem to have 🙂

  3. I am often right there with ya. Close eyes, sleep. Love a good nap and I like to stay up late so I sleep in late. Retirement has been very good for my sleep habits.

  4. I can sleep just about anywhere–not sure I could do it on a cold hard floor of a Bronx Police Station–but I’d be willing to give it a go. I love to sleep! I have no problems sleeping–except when my kids don’t let me sleep–but if it were me in a quiet dark room, I’d sleep and sleep and sleep. NO worries there.

    LOL. Great post 🙂 Cheers!! Jenn.


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